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January Dinkathon Round Robin (3.5 & 4.0+)

  • 20 Jan 2022
  • 11:30 AM
  • Meridian Homecourt


Registration is closed

All pickleball players are invited to participate in a free round robin event at Meridian Homecourt put on by BAPA. You must pay normal entrance fees to get into Homecourt.

ON-SITE REGISTRATION ONLY... Check in begins 45 minutes before the event starts. Participation is limited by the number of courts available during each bracket. You may RSVP to indicate your intention to play (and show other members of your plans), but an RSVP is not a guarantee of participation.

Rating by USA Pickleball, DUPR, or IPTPA. No rating required but placement of non-rated players at directors discretion. Results will not count toward any rating.

January 18 -- 11:30 - 1:00 Skill Levels 2.0 to 3.0 -- 48 players

January 20 -- 11:30 to 1:00  Skill Level 3.5 -- 48 players

January 20 -- 1:00 to 2:30 Skill Levels 4.0+ -- 24 players

Format for this Dinkathon event

You may think you are a good dink player, we’re giving you a chance to prove it in a dedicated skill, random round robin format, test of dinking skills and more.

Random round robin means you don’t need a partner. Partners will be assigned randomly for each game. You need to dink well and support your partner to secure as many points as possible against all other players in your event.

Rules – all players and 3.0 minus.

1. Games are to 11 win by two, 15 minute time limit.

a. if game ends on time winning players get 11 points.

b. if game ends with a score above 11 players retain all points.

2. Serving is cross court, 0-0-2 start and NVZ line is baseline. Baseline in/out rules apply.

a. if an out ball is played, play continues.

3. Game is played in NVZ until one team reaches 6 points or time runs out.

a. if either team reaches six points game converts to standard full court game until a team wins or time runs out.

Rules – for 3.5 and above, special rules apply.

1. All rules for 3.0 minus apply plus:

a. teams can lob but the lob attempt must be clearly over the head of opponents. Team being lobbed need not return the ball inside the NVZ on the return of the lob but must do so thereafter.

b. teams can attempt to win a point by volley shot at opponent. If opponent avoids the volley shot attempt they win the point even if the ball lands inside the full court and not in the NVZ.

c. If the opponent blocks the attempted body shot it must land inside the NVZ or can be returned as volley, rule 1.b also applies.

d. ATP during NVZ play must land in the NVZ or may contact opponent.

e. If game moves to full court game, serving teams return must be a third shot drop inside the NVZ. Backside of the NVZ is in play.

f. Stacking is allowed in NVZ and full court play.

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