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Sports and Humanity

11 Jun 2021 3:06 PM | Getto (Administrator)

Submitted by Sill Lyra

On Saturday, on the second day of The Heroes Memorial Tournament, I accomplished my crazy project to face the Pros, at the Open Mix Doubles event, with my young partner Bree Zheng. We decided on a goal to make at least 2 points in the first game. That didn’t happen. Well, we had 7 games and we could only make 1 point, out of 77. In fact, we got beat badly as we had expected, but the human lessons and of course, pickleball lessons were amazing.

You see, these mix teams are the top of the top. They are Pros. Even though they knew that we were not even a half inch of their level, the majority played a game of slaughter. Shots that were more than a missile against my partner and myself, that was totally not necessary, because of the difference in our rankings and skills. In the game that we made our only point, after we commemorated that amazing accomplishment, the male opponent gave us a hard drive so strong that a great player in the opposite court, screamed to him that he should "take it easy" as we are not at their level. Thanks Glenn!

Nevertheless, two teams were just amazing with us. Making sure they won each point, but with grace, skills, technique and respect. They knew that they are good enough to win with grace.

Thank you to Harden/Spivey and Love/Love. You guys made our day. You are a great example of the sport. Please keep the good work!

Indeed, sports brings the inner nature of each person. Of course, it is a competition and the goal is to win and that can be done with respect and fairness with the opponents. 

It should not be the same kind of mentality of using a bazooka against an opponent with a little revolver. In this situation we just had a sling.

So...I learned a lot… also did my dear courageous and mentally undefeated partner Bree, as she is only two months into the sport, and now she knows the path of improvement she has to follow on her pickleball path. Thanks Bree …you are an amazing human being...and are ready for anything in life...As for me, I don’t have that competitive instinct that override my humanity. I love the game, but fairness and control at the level of weaponry, it is a must in my nature. I’m a 3.5 and, when and if my skills move from a sling to a revolver, I will move to a 4.0 or higher. However, with 68 years on my shoulders, I know that I will never be a Pro…my best respects to the ones that accomplished that level of play...  Cheers...

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