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This page contains resources for local players including COACHES and EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS.

All coaches and equipment suppliers listed here are BAPA members.

If you are a resource for local players and want to  be listed, please contact BAPA via our Contact page. 

COACHES (listed alphabetically by last name)

Susannah Barr

Contact#: 208-352-2305


Teaching Qualifications:
  • 5.5 Rated Professional Player and Multiple USA Pickleball Nationals Medalist
  • Professional Pickleball Registry Certified Teaching Professional
  • Master’s Degree in Adult Education
  • LevelUp Pickleball Camps Instructor
  • Private, Semi-Private, or Group Lessons
  • Clinics
  • Works with ALL levels!

Client Review: "Three sessions with Susannah raised the level of my game and most importantly the level of my understanding of the game. By actually coaching as we hit and drilled, I was able to incorporate her suggestions quickly and easily. Because of how she coached, I was able to not only change my stroke mechanics but understand how that fit into game strategy! I highly recommend her. Plus she is fun."   - Alisa

Sharolyn Carlson

Contact#: 970-237-0081


Personal Statement

Sharolyn has been a sports enthusiast her entire life, but no other sport has gripped her like pickleball. Just months after picking up a paddle, she played her first tournament and has been hooked ever since. She is a student of the game and particularly loves discovering new strategies to take her game to a new level. She also enjoys sharing this knowledge with others. She has taught lessons and clinics and finds great satisfaction in mentoring newer players one-on-one. She earned her PPR Certified Coach certificate in May 2023. In addition to playing and teaching, she thoroughly enjoys the leadership side of pickleball as well. She has helped organize and manage multiple tournaments in the Treasure Valley and currently serves as board president for the Boise Area Pickleball Association (BAPA).

Dick Johnson

Contact#: (208) 602-0831


Teaching Qualifications:
  • Professional Pickleball Registry Certified Professional (official education & certification partner of the USAPA). Certified to teach all  levels of players.  Known for fun, high quality teaching.
  • Taught tennis and pickleball clinics/lessons in ID, AZ, UT, TX, VA focusing on pickleball strokes, tourney preparation, strategy.
  • 260 medals in 122 sanctioned tourneys in the past 10 years. 5 time USAPA Nationals Champion & 15 time medalist. 6 time US Open Champion & 17 time medalist. Many medals won against much younger players.
  • 86 medals, including 45 Golds, for the past 7 consecutive years in all 8 World & National Major tourneys for seniors. 2 Grand Slams winning all the Majors in the same year. 7 Triple Crowns in those Majors, including USAPA Nationals.
  • 2018 Male Pickleball Player of the Year (usually awarded to younger, professional players). One of the few who have played in both the tennis US Open and the pickleball US Open.
  • 2022 Hall of Fame of the Huntsman World Senior Games (chosen from 230,000 athletes from 86 countries in 35 sports in past 35 years)
  • 2018 Award from the National Senior Games (chosen from 110,000 athletes in 35 different sports (first to an Idahoan and first ever to a pickleball player).

Barry McCahill

Contact#:  (208) 830-5451


Teaching Qualifications:
  • Professional Pickleball Registry (PPR) Certified Coach
  • BAPA and Eagle Tennis Club volunteer coach for beginners, improving adults, children and special needs athletes
  • Media trainer for national organizations
  • CPR / AED / First Aid certified


Pickleball is truly a sport for life… because it changes lives for the better, physically, mentally and socially. As it continues to expand wildly in numbers, with players of all ages and levels of interest, I especially like introducing newcomers to the game, and working with recreational players to improve skills. As an Army officer during the Vietnam era, and later directing a federal agency staff, I learned that motivating people can’t be one-size-fits-all. It’s essential to appreciate and adjust training to individual circumstances and preferred learning styles. I also strive follow the advice of legendary UCLA basketball coach, John Wooden: “Over-coaching can be more harmful that under-coaching. Keep it simple.”


“I never heard of pickleball before visiting Idaho and my friend, Barry McCahill. His enthusiasm for the sport is contagious, so I asked him to give me lessons and over two days he taught me the game and gave me a new, healthy passion. Returning to Virginia I posted on my community website asking if anyone was interested in playing pickleball. About a dozen showed up for a meeting, and we convinced the HOA to resurface tennis courts, line them for pickleball, and add nets. The club I started a year ago now has more than 300 players! Barry continues to advise us on skills, rules, and paddles. He’s an outstanding motivator and coach!” --Ron DeFore

Chris Mounier

Contact#: 818-825-6678


Teaching Qualifications:
  • Certified Pickleball Coaching International (PCI) Instructor
  • Certified International Pickleball Teaching Professional (IPTPA) Instructor
  • Certified Rating Specialist

Personal Statement: My name is Chris Mounier, and I am a pickleball addict (maybe you are too). I have several instructor certifications. I am also a Certified Rating Specialist which not only lets you know what level you’re playing at but what you must also add to your skill set to get to the next level. I don’t know why I’m certified with so many organizations…I just can’t help myself. Let’s work together to improve your game! Whether at a beginner or an intermediate level, we can work on strokes, drop shots, volleys, serve, strategy or on the mental side of your game. You will find that I teach with a lot of patience, encouragement, repetition and strategy. I teach not only the” how” to perform a skill but “why” it is important in your overall performance. Additionally, we can create videos of your training and games and review the videos together to assess your improvement over time.

Brian Umbaugh

Contact#: 208-243-6306


Teaching Qualifications:
  • Instructor in basic fundamental skills, advanced skills, personal and team strategy, and court awareness.
  • Designs and implements a personalized pickleball learning program for each player, addressing any specific conditions or concerns.
  • Will work with players with all types of experience levels and athletic backgrounds.
  • Available for private, semi-private, and group lessons.  

Client Review: "The day I picked up a pickleball paddle, I was hooked. Landing on a court with Brian, I was impressed by his effortless skills. I learned he taught lessons, and it sounded fun. Over the last 2 years, Brian has proven to be a brilliant strategist with an ability to watch you play and create lessons on the spot. His lessons are tailored, focusing on specific strengths and weaknesses, and his prices are reasonable. He has improved my game significantly. He challenges you to be your best on the pickleball court, making every session worthwhile and a step forward in the game. He’s not just a coach, but a dear friend." - Karie

Equipment Suppliers (listed alphabetically by last name)

Nanci Bent

Contact#: 208-830-3033Selkirk Pickleball | Selkirk Paddle


  • Selkirk representative since 2015.

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