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Referee Training - Referee Basics

  • 31 May 2023
  • 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Manitou Park, Boise, ID

Ken Reynolds, USA Pickleball Certified Referee and Registered Referee Trainer, will conduct a training session for those interested in learning to referee pickleball matches.

This is a 30-minute intro and discussion followed by about 45-60 minutes of on-court practice. Students are asked to:

a. bring their own small clipboard (6" x 9")

b. bring a pencil with eraser

c. watch the "Referee Quick Start" video on the website (18 minutes) before attending.

d. earn “extra credit” if they bring their score from the Player Rules Test found on the USA Pickleball website. It is not necessary to be a USA Pickleball member in order to take this test.

Students will learn how to mark the scorecard and use the clipboard reinforcing what they will have seen in the video. (Blank scoresheets and clothes pins for use in designating first and second server will be provided.) Students will also learn basic referee responsibilities.

Students will then go to the courts and practice what they have learned by calling and keeping the score and watching for foot faults.

The session will end with a discussion about what students observed and learned.

This course will be done at Manitou Park on May 31st and, if attendance warrants, again the following week. Group limit = 6.

If interested, email Ken at

Meet at the Picnic Pavillion.

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