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What's Your DUPR?

16 Nov 2021 10:19 AM | Getto (Administrator)

Until recently there were only two types of ratings that players relied on to track their skill level: 

*Self-Rating -- players look at a list of criteria and determines where they fit in.

*UTPR  (USA Pickleball Tournament Player Rating) -- players compete in sanctioned tournaments and their ratings are determined by a mathematical formula. 

Now there is a new rating system that players can freely access to determine their rating without the subjectivity of a self-rating or having to attend sanctioned tournaments. 

Dreamland Universal Pickleball Rating

Known as a DUPR (DUPE-er), this rating system is easy to use with recreational play and also for club or league play. 

To get a DUPR, you need to sign up for a free account, determine your skill level, and find a few players to join you.

To determine your skill level, it's best to average your mixed and doubles UTPR if you have them, ask others you are playing with what they think your skill level is, or use USA Pickleball's self assessment

Once you have an account and are playing with others,  enter your game scores into the app which you download on to your phone. After you enter in the scores, another player needs to verify them before they are considered complete and your rating computations are completed for that day's play.  

There are a couple of advantages to a DUPR as compared to self-rating or  UTPR: 

*You don't need to go to a tournament.

*It uses scores instead of just win/loss as the UTPR does. That makes you play every point as if it counts--because it does. 

*It does not differentiate between doubles and mixed. You only have one DUPR rating for all doubles play.  

With each game/match entered and verified, your DUPR will change dynamically. The more you  win by, the higher the rise in your rating will be, and visa versa. 

Learn more about DUPR by reading their FAQs pdf

Give it a try and then you can ask others, "What's your DUPR?" 

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