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  • 7 Jul 2022 2:49 PM | Lisa (Administrator)

    Players are needed to be at the Urban Renewal Meeting on Monday, July 11 at 7 PM. (Caldwell Police Dept. Community Room, 110 South 5th Avenue in Caldwell). They do have a bid/bids to construct new courts and we need to be there to encourage action on the bid/bids. This is short notice but do the best you can to be there. There were 36 picklers at the first meeting. Let's have more at this meeting. Wear name tags if you have them. Pickleball players are the best!

  • 10 May 2022 10:41 AM | Lisa (Administrator)

    In February 2021 an unholy tremor shook the seemingly carefree sport of pickleball: news that a second hall of fame was in the planning stages. Read more ...

  • 22 Apr 2022 9:30 PM | Lisa (Administrator)

    BAPA has worked with Boise Parks & Rec to offer two FREE drill clinics at Hobble Creek Park.  The clinics will be held Friday, May 6, from 6 to 8pm, and Saturday, May 7, from noon to 2pm.

    Space is limited and registration is required.  

    To learn more about these clinics, follow the links below:
    Friday, May 6
    Saturday, May 7

  • 22 Apr 2022 1:13 PM | Lisa (Administrator)

    According to NBC news (Pickleball’s the new jam: Why it’s now the fastest-growing sport ( Idaho is a pickleball mecca.  Thanks Hobble Creek Pickleball Complex Committee!

  • 22 Apr 2022 11:28 AM | Lisa (Administrator)

    Boise Parks & Rec is offering weekly Ladder Leagues, in 4-week sessions.  The Leagues will be held at a variety of locations outdoors and at a variety of skill levels, from 2.5 to 4.0.

    Due to popular demand, a 3.0 League has been added to Monday evenings and will be held at Manitou Park. In addition, more sessions have been added at more locations.

    To learn more about how Ladder Leagues work and where and when they will be held... read the flyer.

    Registration for June & July sessions opens on April 18 for Boise Residents & April 20 for non-residents.

    To register, go to City of Boise's Activities Page

    FEES: Boise Resident: $21/session, Non-resident: $32/session

  • 3 Apr 2022 1:47 PM | Lisa (Administrator)

    Dedicated pickleball courts will be built in the northwest corner of Julius M. Kleiner Park. Construction to begin June 2022. To learn more about the plans click the link below.

    Pickleball courts in Julius M. Kleiner Park - Meridian

    More exciting news... Meridian's next big park expansion is underway with phase two of Discovery Park in south Meridian. This park is located along Lake Hazel Road between Eagle and Locust Grove Roads. Discovery Park’s phase two will include pickleball courts and other amenities. Construction will last a couple of years and will break ground Spring 2022. Perhaps you can call Meridian Parks & Recreation and help us lobby to add even more courts than are planned.

  • 2 Apr 2022 2:12 PM | Lisa (Administrator)

    America’s fastest growing sport celebrates an annual national promotion to bring people of all ages into the game.

    To help promote the fastest growing sport in America, USA Pickleball Association along with sports industry companies and organizations have named April “National Pickleball Month.”

    Pickleball is a fun, active paddle sport created for all ages and skill levels that combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong. It’s played both indoors and outdoors on a badminton-sized court with a slightly modified tennis net. Pickleball uses a paddle and a plastic ball with holes and is played as both singles and doubles.

    “Pickleball is just exploding with players and interest,” says USA Pickleball Chief Operating Officer Justin Maloof. “Creating National Pickleball Month for the month of April will help us to promote the sport nationwide to people of all ages, and help to get Americans moving, active and enjoying this fun sport.”

    National Pickleball Month is designed to boost all areas of the sport, from bringing more people into the game, to helping pickleball “providers” promote programs and leagues, to making public parks and sports facilities aware of the interest in pickleball in their communities.

    “We see this as a ‘rallying point’ to promote the sport throughout the U.S. on the local level,” Maloof says.

    Organize a group of your friends and introduce them to pickleball.  Help spread the joy and further get the word out about all the great benefits pickleball can provide not just to individuals of all ages, but also to communities.

  • 20 Mar 2022 10:52 AM | Lisa (Administrator)

    Larry Fitzgerald! ... as seen on the cover of Pickleball Magazine. He's a star in the NFL, as wide receiver.

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  • 16 Mar 2022 1:40 PM | Lisa (Administrator)

    The 2nd Annual Team Pickleball challenge & Mental Health Awareness Fundraiser will be held Saturday, May 21 at Settlers Park.

    Find 3 other players and form a team! 

    This is a fun event, and proceeds go to National Alliance for Mental Illness, Treasure Valley.  Lots of skill divisions and some sub-divided by age.  Mixed & Men's (and women can play in the Men's too).  Don't forgot to bring some cheerleaders!

    To learn more, read the flyer.

    To register, go to

  • 16 Mar 2022 12:30 PM | Lisa (Administrator)

    Boise Parks & Rec is offering weekly Ladder Leagues, in 4-week sessions, starting in April.  The Leagues will be held at a variety of locations outdoors and at a variety of skill levels, from 2.5 to 4.0.

    To register, go to City of Boise's Activities Page

    To learn more about how Ladder Leagues work and where and when they will be held... read the flyer.

    FEES: Boise Resident: $21/session, Non-resident: $32/session

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