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  • 3 Aug 2021 9:34 AM | Getto (Administrator)

    Boise Parks and Recreation has approved a new rotation system at Hobble Creek Park. It is effective immediately and signs are posted on the courts. 

    The rotation will be used when all courts in the complex are full and players are waiting to play.

    It consists of three paddle lines -- one for each set of four courts.

    Waiting players choose which set of courts they want to play on and use the paddle holders for those courts to get in line to play.

    Players can play either singles or doubles pickleball.

  • 24 Jul 2021 1:41 PM | Lisa (Administrator)

    Registration is now open for the Middlekauff Magic Valley Mustang Rally - a SSIPA circuit tournament. 

    The tournament will be held at Frontier Park in Twin Falls, ID. 

    Events include: 

    Men's Doubles Age/Skill (Age groupings: every 5 years over 50)

    Mixed Skill Doubles Age/Skill (Age groupings: every 5 years over 50)

    Women's Skill Doubles Age/Skill (Age groupings: every 5 years over 50)

    To register, go to

    For more information, email GB Sneed at

  • 21 Jul 2021 12:19 PM | Getto (Administrator)

    Submitted by Lawana Johnson (View the original article with images.

    The first Pacific Northwest Regional held last month at Settlers’ Park and the new Hobble Creek Pickleball Complex, was the last of the USAPA’s Regional Tournaments which were qualifying tournaments for the 2021 USAPA Nationals to be held at the end of the year. Several of our top players won Gold Medals at our outstanding regional where 934 players from 32 states & provinces played in tough matches. They competed especially hard here because winning a Gold Medal also won them a coveted “Golden Ticket” to register early and lock down a spot to play in the important 2021 USAPA Nationals.

    Tom Bowman Joey Brandes Lisa Brummond
    Doreen Burnham Daphne Chen Sheri Cole
    Julie Cramer Jessica Fung Tim Gleason
    Lisa Griffin Dave Grube Randy Howell
    Dick Johnson Brent Kerbs Jan Lake
    Katie Lamm Bee Le Chin Le
    Patti Lousen Diane Magnuson Kenneth Ortega
    Becca Roberts Shelly Schwers Kartika Singpraseuth
    Daryl Spivey Rob Townsend Jean Verdini
    Gail Walker Mark Walters Kirk White

    Nationals will again be held at the famous and world class Indian Wells Tennis Gardens in California and is anticipated to be the largest pickleball tournament in the world. For tournament players, winning a “Golden Ticket” is especially critical for this year’s Nationals because the turnout is expected to be so HUGE that some players likely will not get in. In fact, our winners are already utilizing their “Golden Tickets” to register, whereas players who did not win the coveted ticket have to wait till August 1 to try to, hopefully, finally get a spot in a lottery-style registration which will be enormous.

    *There may be some other Golden Ticket winners from our area we were not aware of for this article. Please let us know about them so they can be recognized.

  • 13 Jul 2021 6:55 PM | Getto (Administrator)

    Alice Tym recently wrote an article about the Pacific Northwest Regional Pickleball Tournament that took place at Hobble Creek and Settlers Park in June. 

    The article appeared in the Pickleball Magazine where Tym is a regular contributor. 

    Idaho's capitol city, Boise, was the host of the Pacific Northwest Regional Pickleball championships and what a welcome it gave to the over 900 players from 30 states and provinces including New York and Ontario. 


    Local players from Idaho, Carson Spencer, Margo Hunter, and Dick Johnson, as well as many others worked for eight years to get pickleball courts built at Hobble Creek. 

    Read the entire article.  

  • 20 Jun 2021 2:04 PM | Lisa (Administrator)

    282 shifts still available ~ please sign up! 

    Plea from Darla Sautter, PNWRC Director of Volunteers:

    Dear Boise Area (and beyond) pickleball players and enthusiasts --

    We are just over the halfway mark in filling up the volunteer slots for the PNWR Championships coming up soon -- but that means we still have about 280 slots to fill.  And this is after paring down and combining some categories.  If you have not signed up yet, please consider doing so.  Please sign up for more than one shift if you can -- we will feed you a light meal for each shift worked. If you are a player, your can find your start time and location under "Schedule" on the main tournament page. If you want to know your end time, e-mail me (they have been estimated and I have a list; the TD says they're pretty accurate). 

    Link for volunteer sign ups -->

    GREATEST NEED - Please look at shifts especially in the Check-In, Generalist, and Operations Assistant categories and specifically look for cases where less than half of the requested number of volunteers for that shift have signed up. You can tell by clicking the two different down arrows in the category/shift area (don't just hit "register," but click the down arrow first).  If it says something like 0/2 or 1/5 or 2/9, those are areas of greater need.  If you see something like 3/4 or 6/9, there are shifts available, but the need is greater elsewhere. 

    There are also other shifts/categories besides those listed above where less than half of the requested number of volunteers for that shift have signed up so you're welcome to look for those, too. 

    This is a huge fundraiser for USA Pickleball's Pacific Northwest Region and funds raised from this tournament will help with promoting and expanding pickleball options in the Boise area and all over the Pacific Northwest. This premier event is going to be a great time and hopefully will return again in future years!  Thank you for signing up to help this endeavor succeed. 

    Please let me know if you have any questions! 

    Director of Volunteers
    2021 PNW Regional Championships
    Presented by Selkirk
    (509) 312-9339 - phone/text

  • 17 Jun 2021 12:26 PM | Lisa (Administrator)

    After three grueling days of figuring out what was wrong with navigating to our website, our ultimate GURU, Kathy Getto, has solved the problems and things are working swimmingly.

    We'd love to collect our members' feedback on the Heroes Memorial Tournament - the poll/survey is open until June 22, 2021.  Click the link below to submit your feedback.

    HMT Survey/Poll

  • 16 Jun 2021 1:30 PM | Lisa (Administrator)

    Pickleball is showing up everywhere!  Check out the latest professionals playing the sport:

    It's in the Chicago Cubs bullpen:

    and the Seattle Seahawks training camp:

  • 11 Jun 2021 3:06 PM | Getto (Administrator)

    Submitted by Sill Lyra

    On Saturday, on the second day of The Heroes Memorial Tournament, I accomplished my crazy project to face the Pros, at the Open Mix Doubles event, with my young partner Bree Zheng. We decided on a goal to make at least 2 points in the first game. That didn’t happen. Well, we had 7 games and we could only make 1 point, out of 77. In fact, we got beat badly as we had expected, but the human lessons and of course, pickleball lessons were amazing.

    You see, these mix teams are the top of the top. They are Pros. Even though they knew that we were not even a half inch of their level, the majority played a game of slaughter. Shots that were more than a missile against my partner and myself, that was totally not necessary, because of the difference in our rankings and skills. In the game that we made our only point, after we commemorated that amazing accomplishment, the male opponent gave us a hard drive so strong that a great player in the opposite court, screamed to him that he should "take it easy" as we are not at their level. Thanks Glenn!

    Nevertheless, two teams were just amazing with us. Making sure they won each point, but with grace, skills, technique and respect. They knew that they are good enough to win with grace.

    Thank you to Harden/Spivey and Love/Love. You guys made our day. You are a great example of the sport. Please keep the good work!

    Indeed, sports brings the inner nature of each person. Of course, it is a competition and the goal is to win and that can be done with respect and fairness with the opponents. 

    It should not be the same kind of mentality of using a bazooka against an opponent with a little revolver. In this situation we just had a sling.

    So...I learned a lot… also did my dear courageous and mentally undefeated partner Bree, as she is only two months into the sport, and now she knows the path of improvement she has to follow on her pickleball path. Thanks Bree …you are an amazing human being...and are ready for anything in life...As for me, I don’t have that competitive instinct that override my humanity. I love the game, but fairness and control at the level of weaponry, it is a must in my nature. I’m a 3.5 and, when and if my skills move from a sling to a revolver, I will move to a 4.0 or higher. However, with 68 years on my shoulders, I know that I will never be a Pro…my best respects to the ones that accomplished that level of play...  Cheers...

  • 9 Jun 2021 10:21 AM | Brian (Administrator)

    Mettles Sports is hosting 3 day pickleball camps for kids, no age limit.

    Dates: July 5th -7th

                July 28th -30th

                August 9th - 11th

                August 23rd - 25th

    12 person limit, $25 per session.

    Sign up on court reserve and pay at the door. Credit cards accepted.

    Wait lists will be available. As we get closer to each event day we may add more sessions.

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